Ben Stark, owner of Cactus End, grew up working in his parents' antique store at 45th & Bell St. in Kansas City, MO, during the 1960's, 70's and 80's.  Gordon, Ben's father and proprietor of the the store, suggested to Ben that Ben begin collecting antiques while working in the store.  Ben especially liked the Navajo tourist rugs that customers occasionally brought in to sell.  A common story from these customers  was:  "My grandparents went to Sante Fe on a car trip in the the 1930's and bought these rugs but I have no use for them."  Ben would buy the rugs.  At one point Ben sold his entire collection to Andrew Nagen, a known Santa Fe dealer and bought a car.  "I learned a lot from that sale," said Ben.  "I had some weavings that were woven by Native Americans for Native Americans--that looked primitive but were much more valuable than the tourist rugs. I wish I still had them."  Ben's involement with Navajo weavings continues today as Cactus End.